Did you find, somewhere along the banks of the Eerste Rivier in South Africa, a flame like this and took it with you as a true souvenirhunter?

Everybody who will let me know by (e-)mail where they took the flame, can take part in the
'Scattering of the fleet'
Send a picture of where you keep the flame and you will be placed on this site.

Arno Arts made a site-specific installation especially for the Spier Outdoor Sculpture Biennial. Hundreds of objects float on the 'Eerste Rivier'. With their flaming sails they form an enormous fleet. At first glance the flame-objects appear to be all the same, a closer look however will reveal that each and every object has a unique shape and is handpainted. In the two weeks of constructing the installation the artist emphasised the unicity of every flame with an even more personal touch.

With his direct images, Arno Arts want to add seemingly self-evident situations to a space or environment. It is only on closer examination that the alienation reveals itself.

Flaming Fleet is a more or less surrealistic image. Like a picture from a comic book, the two-dimensional flame-objects are floating on the water in a very realistic three-dimensional and natural surrounding.

Due to the rise and fall of the river, part of the fleet will be (and already has been) swept away with the current.


Flaming Fleet

Arno Arts

Spier Outdoor Sculpture Biennial
Stellenbosch, South Africa, January-March 2004






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